Roaring Four Brewing Co began in London when four friends decided to take their passion for brewing to the next level.

Multiple trips around the world in search of great beer have taken us from the lambic lands of Belgium through the lagers and weizens of Germany to the pilsners of the Czech Republic and the hop-forward explosion in the US. These experiences, along with our own brewing and experimentation, have given us a respect for the strength of the four main ingredients that make up all good beers around the globe. As the Roaring Four, we brew in homage to these.

Inspired by the endless potential of water, malt, hops & yeast, we’re dedicated to creating great and interesting beers that push the boundaries of bold flavour. We really enjoy making them, and we think you’ll enjoy drinking them just as much.

Al, Nick, Gary and Gav at the Roaring Four launch party at London Beer Lab in Brixton, September 2015.